Friday, April 8, 2011

Positive Thinking in a Changing Grant World

One of the key attributes our clients seek in a grant writer is a positive attitude. Agencies and managers who seek grants customarily do so out of a desire to expand their programs. They willingly take on more work to positively impact more clients and to spread the influence of their services. About 99% of the people I’ve written grants for are optimistic, mission-driven, and highly dedicated.

These economic times are challenging many people to remain positive in the face of cutbacks, loss of personnel, and reduced budgets.  Not everyone can remain positive in the face of change; yet, the only constant in today’s grant and non-profit world is change. 

We’re being impacted by forces beyond our control, so do as Poet Laureate Maya Angelou advised, “…if you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

Grant writers must be prepared for change and embrace it with a positive attitude. Here are five ways to be positive when in the midst of change:
  1. Validate the positive people you work with.
  2. Encourage positive statements when you hear them.
  3. Stay out of drama whenever possible.
  4. Self-monitor your own language and avoid joining negative conversations.
  5. Smile…don’t react or respond to negativity, turn it around.
The new economic reality requires grant writers to be flexible and adaptable to change.  Staying positive throughout change is vital to a successful grant writing career. 

When times are tough, Grant writers need to remember that you have strong skill sets and talents that may be marketable across a variety of industries. Only grant writers who have the ability to embrace change positively will thrive over time.

Clients seek to work with positive, adaptable grant writers who can move and flow with the constantly changing business realities of the grant world.  If you are a skilled and talented person who thinks positively while adapting your skills and talents to any situation, you’ll do well as a grant writer!

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