Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Grant Writer's Favorite Things

Grant writers can be hard to get to know because we spend so much time writing. I’ve put together a short list of favorite things that may help you understand us a little better. Please feel free to add to this list in the comments!

One Grant Writer’s favorite things:

1. The last page

2. Stamping original on the finished proposal

3. A Fed Ex tracking number

4. Clicking “submit”

5. Discovering the perfect quote in the literature

6. Tables of content

7. Unlimited appendices

8. Limited appendices

9. A new ink cartridge

10. An approval letter

11. A new RFP

12. An organized client

13. A completed checklist

14. A jam-free photocopy machine

15. A client who knows more about pdf’s than fax machines

I haven’t put these to a “Sound of Music” melody yet; but it’s in the works, as is the hiking clothing made from window coverings. (I’m finding that venetian blinds make scratchy shorts.)

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Photo Credit - alfonso diaz


Gay Geek said...

Love this list! Other of my favs: A clear budget that makes sense and budget justification, Microsoft Excel, Logic Models!, SMART Objectives, and no techno-babble. :)

Michael said...

This made me smile! Love it! I am glad to put this to music, ukulele or harmonica? Thanks again!

Grant Goddess said...

Thanks for the great comments! Michael we'd love to hear your rendition of the song on ukelele!


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